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As an artist, you’re supposed to do what the artist is supposed to do.

That’s right – I want what artists and editors want, and that’s what you should do if you’re going to try to make money on an animated film.

The way I go about this is this – I have a bunch of photos from the film and an idea of what the story will be. I’ve also looked at the film, as someone who has also done both in the past it would be very useful to me, with a few small additions and tweaks to that idea, like adding a cameo from any of the key characters.

By the time I finish up the film, which will be early August, I’ll have this concept I’m quite happy with and I’ll have some ideas for how the script should look.

Then I’ll go off into the world of marketing, talking to people I’m sure I’ve already reached out to about the film, and getting them excited when I mention it again.

I’ll start off by telling people I have it.

Then I’ll be able to say I’ve sent it to a producer who wants to read it.

Then I don’t have to have that, I’ll just have something to say to a filmmaker who is working on a project they have in mind with this character.

By this point, they must have contacted me in some way, and I’ll have something to say about it. If they’re working at an agency, I’ll then get a contact on the other end of the phone asking if they’re interested in doing this project.

I’ve been working with a lot of people online in the past couple of years. I think if you can’t make the film as good as you can with people you talk to face to face, you won’t ever find those contacts. I think it’s a huge mistake to go online and message any person who is really involved with a film who is not involved in this. That makes no sense at all. I don’t want to ever go online and post an ugly email with me saying “Hey I’m selling you some stuff!” That’s not how you talk to people if you want something worthwhile out of an artist.

As always, I will be open to suggestions and input as needed.

Does anyone have links for me of any good websites or other sites that I can contribute to in order to sell more copies of this film?

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