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Yes, we are one of the best educational institutions out of India. People from all over the world would love to come here. Photo is a big part of our daily life. For students who are interested in photography or the subject in general, we have many opportunities. The best places to get your education are in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Kerala.

What was your favourite moment at Delhi’s IIT Indore?
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I loved working with the staff at Delhi’s IIT Indore and working with Nupur Dass. It was great work, a different kind of work. We are making a huge impact on all of our courses.

Where can I find you?

If you are a student looking for a career in photography, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The best choice is to contact Dr. Ashish Gupta, Editor of Biju News here in Chennai at email

It’s time for another installment of Geeksquared’s Geeky Ghetto Round-ups – this time with ‘Bastard’ and ‘Dirtbag’.

A lot of the feedback I got last time was that ‘Dirtbag’ was, well, a little too much like Captain America’s Captain Rogers. The question of how to address an iconic character who often had an aura of masculinity around him, was brought up, and the result is what you probably saw in the images above.

A lot of people (me included) were a little worried about the response I’d get as I did not make up any of these iconic men, and I think some of them did end up misreading the comments, but I liked the overall response and I wanted to take a moment to address them. I’m happy with the end product and will probably tweak it as we continue to do Geeksquared rounds here.

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail on the images of ‘Bastard’ vs ‘Dirtbag’, but for the sake of this post we’ll just say they both belong in the same bracket – both are equally good, and both are great pieces of comic book art. You don’t have to agree, but I think you should have at least an inkling about which one is which.

What do you guys think of the images? Should they be in the bracket? And is ‘Dirtbag’ a good enough comparison to Bastard that it deserves to be in

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