How big is an 8×10 photo? – Alamy

It varies greatly. We’d estimate that an actual 9 x 18 photo would be something around a 16″, although this isn’t an exact science.

The photos were taken on a regular street with buildings and pedestrians on both sides. The photos will not show a typical house or apartment layout and are not reflective of the real street layout in any way.

Have you ever seen such photos on the web? If so, please upload them to let us know what you came across. Also send us photos of your own.

Why are 3 photos of different locations placed next to each other in a row?

By doing this we take a common street layout and arrange the photos into one continuous image and the images are then rotated 90 degrees. This allows you to view the photos from different angles to gain an idea of how buildings and other elements are set up.

When photographing a scene this way the street is much more likely to be in focus as well as you can get very much depth of field on top of that.

How big a picture should I take of this?

This is tricky because most people take photos in one of two ways.

They use a digital camera which is good for macro photography.

They take an enlarger screen and then take a photo of the viewfinder. This is good for macro photography but not for people close up.

A little known fact is that it is possible to make a full size still image from a 4 x 4 foot format. In fact the size of the print is 1.1 x 1.1 x 1.2 inches. That’s 4 inches wide.

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So if you have a larger image printer you’re going to be able to print the same image. This is one reason why many landscape photographers like to have a bigger film camera like Hasselblad. There’s no need to worry as you should be able to produce decent still images. (See our 5 tips for shooting good still images.)

If you do just 1 minute of shooting, this will be over 1/80th of the size of a standard 20×30 camera printed on a good high quality standard size poster.

But remember the big rule there. Even if you do the same thing in 8×10, you’ll be able to capture an image that’s larger and richer if you use a much larger format like 16×20 or 16×24.

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