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This is the original “Cute!” image. This was created to replace the original illustration by Richard D. James that appeared in a September 1867 issue of “The New York Sun.”

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In order to bring James’ original work to life, I have used the famous illustration as seen by the public.

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It’s been a rough offseason for the San Francisco Giants, and as the playoffs approach, a number of questions remain as to what can be done to improve the team.

One of those questions, of course, is how to deal with an aging lineup.

The Giants will likely turn to relievers in 2017, with their rotation slated to remain intact for at least the next few years. The addition of Brandon Crawford seems to indicate the end is near. If that is the case, a new closer could provide the Giants what they’ve lacked by far in the last 50 years.

That brings us to the question I have been pondering for quite some time: If the Giants were headed to a World Series, how would they acquire a closer to replace Crawford?

The answer could prove to be quite simple:

Sell or trade for another closer (or pitchers) for the same price as Crawford.

Let’s consider just how valuable any player that the Giants could trade for is. Let’s say San Francisco decides to trade out of the No. 5 spot, and with that trade, they are able to get their hands on a starting pitcher. It would take a lot to turn this into a deal that would provide the Giants with anything like the value that a closer would produce.

The Yankees have been able to sign David Robertson, which may indicate that the Giants would be able to secure either Cole Hamels or Zack Wheeler if that was the option in San Francisco.

While the Yankees could opt for that strategy, they are unlikely to choose such a high price as a result of his declining strikeout rate and ERA since 2013.

Instead, the Yankees may opt for the more difficult task of building a big league closer for their team. The Giants have one of the most dangerous closer tandems in

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