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I have now used the software since the middle of January to help me make sure everything is up to a standard and is working properly for my system.

I have two monitors but am using the second monitor with another laptop running a custom install with no changes.

I use the computer from my old university (not to old school) and my new monitor (with the laptop attached to it). The installation process is fairly straightforward. I have the software for Windows 7 with a number of options including running it on different hardware. I installed it using the setup disk on my laptop and the laptop did boot up fine. When I started the installation I asked about the graphics card so I could select it, which it did without any problem.

During the installation I got to the screen with the options to run the installer from a USB key or to use the USB to run. I chose to use a USB key and my screen went blank. The only other option I had was to plug in the PC to install the software and boot from the USB drive. Again I was given the option to either run it as an administrator, to do a manual installation or to do a manual install. When I did a manual install I had to navigate through the installation steps because of the large directory in the installer, I also did a manual reboot on the PC.

When I opened up the setup, it read me all over the screen that the laptop was to be installed from a USB drive, the installer would not work, the installation would go through automatically as this was to be expected. When I selected the option to install from USB I was presented with a number of setup options in a list of things I need to do:

1. Select a timezone I would like to use for the installation (this option does not work for me, the system is based in the USA).

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2. Select a region where I would like to install my USB drive (this does not work).

3. Select a USB device to run the installer from (this does not work, the USB drive does not work).

I selected all of the options except this one on the USB to use it as an installer, when you select it

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