Can dogs eat canned tuna? – Pet Shop Business Plan Ppt

Yes. And if you really want to impress your neighbors, you can also serve it as a special “noodle” (see recipe below).

Does it get better with age?

Nope. It gets worse. And it’s still good for you, and good for the environment.

I had the opportunity to discuss this topic with a member of the staff at a recent panel on science of video games. He asked, “When can you play a full-on RPG in an evening of casual play? Why not a dungeon crawl? When you can play a full-on RPG in an evening of casual play? Why not a dungeon crawl?”


I answered, “Not with the time I have to play a full-on RPG in an evening. To be honest, given my interests there tends to be a lot I have to do between 9am and 5pm, and if I go for less than a full night (which I haven’t yet), I’d be less prepared for my evening and less motivated to play the game.”

The response? “There is still a lot of time to play.”


You can see my response on YouTube:


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In the end it’s about a few things. For me it was the fact that I knew that a 3rd party app was in the market and that I wasn’t ready to give this up to anyone else.

Now I know for a fact that when a developer gets the app in and running that all you can have a look on it. It’s a closed beta which will last between a day and 3 weeks.

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But I know from the feedback that it’s just as much about the fact that I had to change my workflow. I can’t run the same apps multiple times as I used to with a 3rd party app.

What you don’t get in open beta is the time saved. Your day can be done in between 5 minutes, or 15 minutes, depending. Also it’s just getting comfortable with things after years of using a 3rd party app. My time spent is a small fraction of the time spent with a beta version of an app

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