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Why shouldn’t they? Why is that such a big deal? So, I said, ‘I’m sorry, but, you know, I don’t believe in it.'”


“I said, ‘I believe in what I love, and what I think is right. I’m not paying into somebody else’s tax system for a hobby.'”

The man in the interview then explains: “It might be a hobby.”
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So I reached out to Ford for comment on this. Here is its reply:

You know, in the grand scheme of things, not many people get their car or pick up someone else’s car because it’s been in your garage forever. I don’t necessarily feel that the vehicle needs to be parked there on the day you take it out, but if it’s a custom model it’s more of a custom vehicle.


Ford says it’s not required that owners put the vehicle in the garage, so long as the “custom” car is “the one you own”, and that they will have a designated garage for the car—whatever. The company also says that the owner must take “no responsibility” whatsoever for any liability, damage, or destruction caused by the car, and that any damage or loss caused by the vehicle on the property it’s parked in must be paid for by the owner of that property. They also note that the owner can ask Ford to inspect the custom vehicle and make sure everything is in good working order, rather than just taking the vehicle in for service when the time comes. But, Ford suggests, some people are less tolerant (or less willing) to take this approach because they “know” why their car needs special treatment. And the company says you need to check for yourself, and you can find out more ways to be more tolerant here.

Ford’s full statement is here if you’re interested:

As we discussed today, Ford’s vehicles are subject to a number of federal, state, and local laws that are enforced by the U.S. Department of Justice. We cannot discuss specifics of the legal issues that may apply to your vehicle under Federal and State law. However, you may be able to contact federal authorities if you think your vehicle’s safety, security, or value may be violated or your rights as an individual may be violated. These contacts are made through the appropriate government agency where applicable.


The question of why you should care if your car is parked in a garage,

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