What qualifications do you need to be a dog walker? – How To Start An Exotic Pet Store

Some dogs walk quite well. There are a few qualifications that dogs need, however, before they become a dog walker. You might need a:

Dog Trainers License

Proof of current veterinary checkups performed within the last few years

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Any other required training and certification.

We don’t recommend that you go looking for dogs in the pet world with previous dog breeding experience – you might find that it helps to have the qualifications to be a dog walker. Most dog walkers will be keen to get the training right, so they can get a feel of what it’s like to be a dog walker. As we noted above, we don’t recommend going in without working out who you know as well. Some of these training vets might already be familiar with you.

You need to be an expert dog walker?

If you’re not an expert dog walker, you’ll be very likely to need a licence for working in an intensive care unit. There are only two types of licensed dog handlers:

Commercial dogs – those in the dog market, who are looking to sell their service (or, more likely, their puppies) to potential clients. You might get asked to work in emergency rooms etc, and you might see clients wanting to buy or rent a dog.

Registered or approved handlers – those who qualify by meeting their training and qualification standards.

You may also want to consider asking someone familiar with your home if they can help you. This may also include asking your local council for their dog walking information, if they don’t publish it. If you are a student looking to have a training course, you may also need to find a qualified handler to attend your course who is an expert in dog walking and who can pass the same dog training course as you would – so they’ll be able to pass your training on to you. Alternatively, if you’re a pet dog owner looking for other pet dog owners, you may be able to find other dog dog walkers who also live at the same address.

If you are working with any dog owners and looking to become registered as a dog walker, please check our list of Dog walkers registered with our partner organisations.

How long has it been since your dog walked you to test him to see if he meets the qualifications?

There’s an excellent short video about this on YouTube. To find out the results of your test please refer to the test details on the dog walker website

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