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The answer is: very, very little

There are lots of people who are paid to walk your dog. You’re walking in comfort and having the time of your life, so you might not have to take extra charge if you work for an organisation that isn’t as generous with its money.

It’s a small industry that is based on self-employment, and some people might be inclined to think that they are “helping” their dog walkers if they take on extra tasks. If you want to make as much as you can and earn a great salary on it, you need to work in these areas.

So how much could you earn without being paid more? It depends on your location, what you do in return for your dog walkers to carry your dog on your lap, and how long it takes you to finish a single walk.

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What’s your average annual salary in dog walking

The average salary earned by dog walkers varies significantly by country. Some people earn a higher salary than the average for their country. The best-paid in UK is an employee at a dog walking centre who earns around £20,600-£25,000 a year. Meanwhile, in Australia they can earn around $37,500-$43,500 while in the UK, Americans earn more than $37,000 – and the United States spends a lot more on dog walking services.

The Australian dog walking industry pays a living. Employees pay about $3.20 per hour, according to research from the Centre for Australian Dog Walking. If you work for them you can actually live on $11,000 a year – that gives you a good pension, health cover and decent medical insurance options. You can also get discounted travel to work and to your regular hospital.

When you look at the salaries of the world’s top ten most paid dog walkers, you’ll see that they all live in the US and Canada.

Here’s what the average salary of a world’s top ten world’s best at dog walking looks like:

A dog walking job, compared to a typical job

The average Australian worker at a large dog walking centre earns around $23,600 a year, while a senior employee in the UK earns around £18,600. So to get a living wage, the average Australian is looking to earn £10,250. The average salary of a dog walker is

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