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If you’ve always walked dogs and thought that it was your passion, but only had one dog, you are likely to want to do it more. You might be thinking about a small dog or even a poodle. For large dogs, it’s likely they will have many options. If you aren’t sure which type of dog to choose or if your dog is just one or two years old yet, check your local shelters to see if a new breed, a new or updated name is already on the market. If not, we’re sorry to say, but your best option may be a dog walker.

What do I need?

Dog walking is about more than just being outdoors and having fun with your dog. It also involves some pretty tough exercise. A walk needs to include exercises you’re sure your dog doesn’t mind – not lots of running through mud, not tossing a ball or throwing a Frisbee, and especially not barking or lunging at you through the fences or up the stairs. Your dog may be afraid at first, but it will gradually become accustomed to your presence and it’s likely it will be less fearful as you get better at getting around the dog (and more comfortable with itself!) and making you feel happy.

How long will it take?

A dog walk is a lot of effort. It will involve lots of walking along a very busy route, with lots of other people, and even a dog that you might be very afraid of and that is very curious. All of that effort makes some people think twice, and you can’t always avoid all the ups and downs, which may be hard to handle sometimes. The more you walk your dog, the more likely it is that you will get frustrated. Sometimes you’ll be really happy with a walk – a full day of walking is long enough – and other times after a couple of hours you’ll be just not feeling well with the dog and may not want to do it at all. If you’ve tried and tried, you might be very glad you found a Dog Walking Certification Training Facility – your dog will have a much better time if he learns basic skills and the people who care about him will notice whether the things you’re doing are going well.
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How will I know if I’ll love the job?

If you love it, you’ll find it can be a very rewarding experience. There are many reasons that you’d want to keep walking your dog and they are quite varied. The one that stands

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