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A typical day for a standard walker involves 7-8 hours of walking. Walkers may use different routes to find the most scenic trail or for shorter or longer distance. On average, the average dog walker must walk 30-50 miles per day.

Does a dog walker work on weekdays?

Yes, a standard dog walker works only during the working day with a 15-minute break for lunch and a 2-hour break for rest. Weekends are generally not considered days to work.

What is the difference between a day dog walker and week day dog walker?

The day dog walker does not typically work on weekdays, but may take advantage of off-work hours the next day. For example, if your dog is on a work or school day, the day dog walker might need to spend 15-20 hours walking around to collect necessary data to complete the survey. He/she might work a few hours in one morning or late afternoon or late evening after work.

What is the difference between a dog walker who has a job and a dog walker who takes off work?

A dog walker who has a job is typically hired for the specific task needed to complete the survey (like getting an owner’s permission before leaving). A walker who takes off work can be hired for any task that requires special attention or extra assistance, such as providing assistance to small children or elderly people.

Do dog walkers generally use a walker-proof dog carrier? If so, what kind?
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Yes! A dog walker who takes off work should use an alternative dog carrier that’s designed to carry a large payload, such as a backpack or carrying case. Also, don be sure your particular dog carrier provides good ventilation. A typical carrier won’t allow good ventilation in a hot cabin.

A few additional points:

You might wish to choose a carrier that provides ventilation in all directions, not just front and back (which is important for ventilation in other ways), but also on all sides of the carrier for maximum ventilation.

If you have access to a car or utility service, a dog walker should have a key card with both a lock and key in order to get into the service area. If that key card is lost, the dog walker can’t find the key by trying to use the carrier.

What’s the difference between a dog walker and a search dog?

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