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We will do some exercise and we encourage you to join us in the park and to come out and socialize your dogs.

Where is the trail going?

You will find this trail going across Highway 30 between the Pigeon Forge Visitor Center and the Southeastern Kentucky Regional Park and Zoo. The trail will take you north to the old railroad crossing of Highway 30. The trail will end at the parking area.

Where is the trail going?

You will arrive at the Pigeon Forge Visitor Center.

The trail will cross the railroad bridge crossing at the Southeastern Kentucky Regional Park and Zoo on Highway 30.

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How far is the trail?

The trails starts at 1.2 miles from the Visitor Center and it takes you around a quarter to half a mile for the whole trail.

Can we make a dog run without a dog pack?

Certainly we can make a dog run without a dog pack, we just do recommend you bring lots of water and snacks because there are some hills to gain and to descend. You need to be at least 40 lbs (16 kg) at the top of the hill with a small dog or smaller.

Can I bring my dog to this trail?

The only rule of the trail is “dogs on trails and runners on road”. The rules above are to be followed and do not mean that all dogs on the trail or the road must be on leash and under control and on leash. A dog on a trail or on the road may do what it wants, but must not enter your vehicle or run or run under foot.

If someone runs on a trail or on the road without proper supervision, any dog or puppy, regardless of the age of either, is trespassing.

It is illegal for pedestrians to run on or past a trail.

Anyone with disabilities should visit the Southeastern Kentucky Regional Park for a full explanation of the rule above.

My dog ran on the Trail and I heard the dogs. How can I let them out?

If you want to let your dog run, call us first so that we can come pick them up.

How long will the hike take?

The trail takes us all over the valley and in all directions, but we recommend you do about a half-mile total.

If you are looking to hike this trail with your dog, it will take about 9 hours or so. The trail may be

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