How do you walk two dogs at once? – Funny Dog Walking Company Names

I took four dogs to a local dog park. It was raining so I couldn’t go and watch them. I got my dog one day and took her to the other one. I came back and she was walking by herself. I felt guilty all day to keep taking her to the others.

The people said they hated dogs.

Not a lot of them did, but we took up a lot of the litter-mate space, and were in the top five dogs, so to speak. A few of the older dogs tried to get in on the act, but they were outnumbered, like the rest of us. They kept calling it the Boggie Alley; it’s not!

When I asked the people what they did when the kids weren’t home, I got this laugh:

“We’re just too stupid to do anything.”

That’s how I found out what I was: “The dumbest person in the world…” I’m still not sure what became of the guy who had a really good laugh at my expense, though. I’m pretty sure if my parents hadn’t complained there would be no Boggie Alley to be proud of.

One day a guy walking his dog asked to borrow my pants. I was on a date and he just grabbed them and left. The date went on anyway. Next time, he said, grab his pants while he’s walking.

A man was shot Tuesday morning outside a home in the 700 block of East Main st.

The victim was inside when a black and silver Mercedes driven by a male was in the parking lot, and he stepped out to look inside.

The driver then shot at the man.

Welcome to The House of Trishka’s!

In the world of Trishka (pronounced TT-nah-kah-ka), the most precious of gifts is love — and it is delivered to you whenever the circumstances arise. However, the only way to enjoy this gift is to love the one who gave it to you in the first place. In Trishka’s world, the most special gift is not a gift, but a vow. No other vow has such an instant, transformative effect.

Wedding vows are made and broken over a meal of love and affection. Traditionally, vows were made at the altar in the family home before the wedding banquet — usually in the presence of a priest or priestess on the eve of the wedding. In the early

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