Are dog walkers self employed? – Pet Business For Sale Mnemonic Generator

Yes. All dog walkers must have a licence and a valid valid Class B license.

What happens after I pay the fee?

Your payment is processed within a few minutes, however we are unable to issue or renew a Class B license until you have confirmed the details with us. There will be a minimum fee of $50 for the licence renewal, so please ensure you have made sufficient enquiry to ensure you are covered by the license fee.

All other renewal fees should not need to be met until you have signed the contract.

What happens if I don’t like my dog walker?

All dog walkers must provide their name and address and the reasons for refusing them.

What happens if my dog is ill?

In rare cases when there is serious illness or injury from their walks, the dog walker should be informed in writing. This is an important step to ensure the dogs health is protected.

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