Can I be a dog walker without experience?

Yes, you can be a dog walker without experience or training with a course available at any of our many dog walking stores across the country. Our dog walking courses include dogs of all ages and abilities, even those that are afraid of people and aren’t comfortable walking on their own.

Do I teach a class?

No! Our students are taught by one experienced instructor that specializes in working with dogs. Students also can learn from other people through the online Course and Certificate Program. We have several teaching locations across the country and we work closely with many other institutions.

Who are members of K-9 Trainers?

K-9 is a non-profit organization in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri that started in 2000, originally with the goal of providing training on obedience and training. We have grown a strong community of over 200 members nationwide and have become an organization with a commitment to offering classes in dog training in accordance with the highest standards of dog training. Our training is always provided in conjunction with our partner organizations. Our membership includes many schools, universities and organizations for both human and canine training.

Does K-9 Trainers hold certifications?

Yes. K-9 trainers are required by state law to be licensed with a certification from one of the following organisations:

United States Military Academy

State or local government animal control

Animal Rights Alliance (RA)
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Training Academy for Law Enforcement (TALET)

Training Academy for Police Departments

What happens after I complete a course?

When you complete a training programme, it is important for you to do your homework. Your training will be based on the objectives and expectations set forth by your trainer. These objectives may be altered as the training progresses.

What if I don’t like the way a trainer teaches me my puppy?

Puppies learn through individual experience and play. We only work with puppies that are calm and are willing to be left behind to do what they’re told. It’s critical that a trainer work with the puppy in the way that is best for them.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with my training?

If you are not satisfied with your K9 training course, you should contact the instructor and request a refund. In the unlikely event that you feel that no amount of education can produce a dog that will be an acceptable dog walker, we can make a recommendation for certification or training to a more experienced, qualified trainer