How long should you walk a dog?

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The answer depends on your dog’s size, health and his or her personality. The general rule of thumb for walking a dog is five to 10 minutes, though some dogs can walk for much longer.

Do regular exercises and stretching help your dog exercise better?

Some trainers recommend walking your dog once or twice a day. Walking a dog daily doesn’t seem to increase an animal’s physical fitness because a regular daily walk is just as effective; however, a walk twice a day can improve your dog’s fitness.

For instance, you might walk your dog every morning and then walk in the afternoon as a bonus (or sometimes a special walk), if your dog is having a hard day. Walk your dog about once per day instead of going on walks. If your dog’s body will recover, don’t continue the walk.

Do all dogs need to exercise regularly?

As long as your dog is active enough and your dog knows how to take care of himself, yes, it is okay to walk your dog regularly.

Your dog might have certain needs that shouldn’t vary from day to day. For instance, some dogs do need to sleep more. Keep in mind that a dog who sleeps a lot or eats a lot may become an overweight, stressed animal if you ignore his needs.

Why do some dogs prefer long walks?

Some dogs enjoy riding on a leashed walker. Some dogs love a longer walk from the house and the yard to the road along the side of the road that leads to a park. Other dogs enjoy a long walk from their home in the yard to the park with everyone else out.

But whatever your canine likes, you can’t expect to put in the effort every day. Every time you get a whiff of a dog being lazy, you’ll wonder what to do — so why not do something nice for a change?

What can be done to make your walk easier for your dog?

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