Does Rover pay well?

Rover has become known as not only the ‘Uber of the west’, but also as the ‘Uber of the world’, and there are strong signs that the ride sharing giant could be headed towards a move into UK shores and will begin charging a fee to use its app.

It is thought that Rover will need to raise a substantial amount of money to take full advantage of the UK market, but with some reports of a £7m investment being made by the American company, it is now possible that it could be able to. Rover isn’t officially saying, but it looks like a move would likely involve raising a huge amount of capital, which could lead Rover to become a serious threat to Uber, and as such, could put the spotlight on an Uber rival, although it doesn’t look like there will be any real competition in the UK market.

How does it compare to others?

Rover has come a long way from its origins as a US-based taxi company to a ‘truck’ services company, but has made impressive strides ever since.

Rover was first founded in 2004, and by 2010, it was one of the most successful taxi-hailing companies in the world. It then made huge strides, and in 2013 came to dominate the UK market, with over a quarter of a million registered drivers. It has since come a long way from that, and in September 2014, its CEO Alan Mulally stated that the company had an 80% market share, the highest of any company in the US and UK.

However, as some have pointed out, the app has been criticised for being too difficult to use and can be notoriously hard to navigate, while it is also reported that Uber drivers often aren’t paid enough to cover costs and that there are some drivers who have even paid for their own car.

What’s the difference?

Apart from having a larger userbase, Rover can offer discounts, special offers and deals. The company’s latest move will be to increase its standard rates on the UK app.

What’s next?

One would assume that Rover’s move will see the app going live next month, which will allow the app to be installed, and that the company is working on getting the app live on the road. After that, it is expected that the company will work with its insurance partners over the coming weeks to help them manage their risk and protect their interests.

Rover is said to be currently working on the app