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A. We would like to thank our clients who are dog walkers, and our own staff for their support during the development of this guide. We’d like to also thank you for joining the K-9 Foundation Dog Walkers Club. To date, more than 10,800 dogs have registered with the K-9 Foundation, and more than 5,300 members have made trips with their dogs to the Dog Walk Clubs across Canada.

Can I pick my dog up with a friend?

A. As K-9 Foundation staff members, it is our goal to make sure all of our members have fun and have a great time when they are out with their dogs. Unfortunately, there are no plans to allow dogs to be picked up with one another, either by the K-9 Foundation staff members or by the clients, for safety reasons. Our staff members will continue to look at ways to improve access to dogs for both the handlers and the dogs themselves. As a reminder, you can see a list of current Dog Walking Members across Canada:

My dog isn’t picking up dogs anymore. Why?

We take great pride in helping you keep a cool head and know that you will always know where your dog is. In the case of pets in their crates, we often ask the owners to remove the crate from their home for short periods of time, as it could become cluttered and less comfortable for the dog to live in. When they leave, the dogs will be released, and our staff may pick them up as needed.

Can I leave pets in a crate that’s too tiny for the dog’s needs?

This is not allowed and if you do decide to give a dog a small crate or make a room small enough that they need a small crate for small toys, please bring it in with you so we can do some sight-unlearning.

Why can’t I use a dog walking coach with my dog’s dog walking license?

There are no dog walking coaches available in the K-9 Foundation’s database.

What happens if I need more information and I can’t find it?

Call us! We’ll make sure you receive a friendly, knowledgeable staff member who knows exactly what they’re doing, even if that means they haven’t found all the answers for you.

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