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Yes. As a practical matter, most medications used to combat infections contain antibiotics, so that’s one reason why prescription dogs can’t eat treats. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have lots of treats. One of the most frequently asked questions is “can dogs eat treats?” (The answer: yes—though you should be wary of dog treats if your dog isn’t on a clean, clean diet). To make it clear on what you’re not allowed, don’t feed your dog treats, even if they’re available. You can keep your dog on all-natural or gluten-free treats and not worry about him getting sick. Even if your dog is on a kibble, it’s good practice to buy a pre-packed dog food and put an ingredient list on the back of the package so that you know what to expect when you cook your food. Here’s more information about what you need to know for eating treats on a dog.

Can dogs treat their own vomit? Sure can. Dogs can vomit if their food is not properly sanitized or if the owner doesn’t sanitize the entire container in addition to the poop. If your dog refuses to eat his own poop, please call the veterinarian.

Does drinking urine make a dog sick? No way. There are no symptoms that indicate that urine makes your dog sick or has any effect on his health. Your dog can drink anything else he wants.

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Can dogs drink water? Yes, they can, but your dog should do so with an appropriate diet. The way you feed your dog should help keep his digestive system in tip-top shape, and water doesn’t do that. You can feed water for your dog to use for a snack, but don’t feed it as a full meal. When it’s your dog’s turn to use that water, you can make sure it’s all right for him to do so without vomiting in the process. Also, your dog shouldn’t drink any of the water in a bowl you’re giving to him.

Can dogs drink the poop that’s collected from hospitals/medication cabinets/pet stores? Your dog can, just not in the case of hospital waste that’s been mixed with urine. Please be aware that sometimes hospital waste can contain pathogens that may be harmful to your dog. Even if your dog doesn’t vomit when he eats that hospital waste, you’ll make sure it’s handled properly by cooking your food to a good temperature to kill the bacteria. If the poop you feed your dog contains pathogens

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