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The minimum requirement for a baby is:



A sleeping mat.

A bottle or two.

An adult human to care for the baby.

You should purchase a baby food at Walmart if your baby is on its own. If you can not afford to buy a baby food in a store, you can still make baby food at home. A baby, after birth, will need a regular diet, including fresh fruits and vegetables, milk (white or infant formula), protein-rich baby cereal, and some of the baby food (if you can eat it). You should also provide baby food all the time.

You will need to keep the baby calm and stimulated at all times. You can do this by:

Providing the baby with an appropriate number of toys at all times.

Giving the baby a quiet place to sleep at night while you sleep.

Encouraging him to explore his environment. The baby needs the opportunity to explore his environment. If you can’t have your baby play outside, you will need to learn to interact with him outside of the home and keep him outside when it is safe for him to do so.
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Encouraging the baby to be calm. This may take time. But, you can keep the baby from being too stressed by giving him an appropriate amount of exercise while learning to calm him. Babies with an autism spectrum disorder often will be unable to handle more than a brisk walk without a companion with them, and so most will need some exercise outside to keep them from getting too stressed.

Encouraging the baby to eat well. This can take time as well. Baby food is often a very rich source of nutrients and calories, so the baby will need a lot of it (especially if the nutrition is not adequate for an infant). While this is true about baby food, you also need to provide the baby with milk in addition to the milk-replacement formula that is often provided for infants with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

It is also a good idea to provide your baby with a bottle so they can drink from it whenever they are able. When baby bottles are on hand, they can be used to drink formula. They can also be placed on a baby’s back to offer comfort, or placed in a diaper bag to keep on the baby’s bed.

Keep the baby well fed. You may need to keep the baby formula warm to keep the

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