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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates the drug industry as a whole, has stated that dog treats are not a controlled substance, therefore the manufacturer does not have to post a notice that dog care treats contain or are subject to controlled substances.

In fact, dogs eat dog treats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, some companies will give dogs treats from pet food or puppy formula (such as Purina Puppy Food), which is not a controlled substance.

Do treats have any negative effects?

There is no known negative effects and no known deaths from consuming a bag of dog treats, including Purina Puppy or other dog treats containing pet food.

Can dogs choke on dog treats?

Dogs can choke to death on treats. There is no evidence that foods are toxic to dogs. In fact, dogs can eat dog treats that will not harm them.

But if your pet does choke and dies, there will likely be an investigation of the event and how the dog died, including the dog’s breed.

Will dog treats be considered “dog food?”

Purina Pet Food, Purina Puppy, Purina Dog Food, Purina Adult Dog and Pup treats are not considered “dog food” because purina does not label them as such.

Why don’t some manufacturers label their dog treats “dog food”?

Many companies do not label their dog treats as dog food. These companies are concerned about the negative association with dog food. If a customer purchases a dog treat that is labeled as “dog food” then the company is not required to make the same label available on products that are not considered to be “dog food.”

Can dogs eat dog treats that have no added vitamins or minerals?

It is unknown if dog treats with vitamins and minerals are safe for dogs. Dogs ingest vitamins and minerals through their own bodies including through food, water, soil or chew food. It is important that pet owners eat a variety of all natural dog foods. They are not to rely solely on pet food products that contain vitamins and minerals when feeding a healthy dog.

Is dog food regulated?
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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which regulates the drug industry, has stated that dog food is not a drug.

What happens if you’re bitten by a puppy or other animal that carries a treat on its mouth or under its tail?

When a pet is under the

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