How can I exercise my two dogs? – Dog Friendly Restaurant Santa Monica

If you are running your exercise program using a calendar and tracking, keep an eye that your dogs are getting a good workout. You could schedule your workouts and check their progress and make sure the dogs have had enough exercise since they started their program.

If you can’t schedule your own running session, see our guide to schedule dogs running for a more detailed exercise schedule.

Can I schedule the dogs to do more than 5 miles?

Unfortunately, no. As exercise levels vary between dogs from the same individual, an individual that is in his/her early 20’s may be more able to handle more mileage. However, as soon as you start running your exercise regime with your dogs, the schedule should be created to fit the length of time they are likely to be at each workout. For example, say you are looking to run the course 10 miles and your dogs meet you after 1 hour. The next 20 miles would be the first 5 miles. The next 15 miles would be 5 miles (your dogs meet before the last 5 miles and are running as fast as they can, not as fast as you can, so you don’t have to worry if you run out of time early). The final 4 miles would be the last 5 miles, your dogs meet again at the 5 hour mark. In all these cases, you should see the dogs be able to run as soon as the last 5 miles are complete and can be comfortably supervised. The rest of the runs might take a few minutes to complete. If not by that point, the last few minutes of running can be skipped.

How far should I run with the dogs during the run?

If you are planning a shorter run or your dogs are running with a trainer (i.e. a person who walks the dogs, walks them at home, and/or walks them on a leash), you can plan out the schedule so that the dogs get all the necessary running exercise time.

What is the correct pace for the runs for the dogs and what is the correct distance to run for the dogs?

It is easy to be a little off when you run with a group of dogs, so take your time and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as you run. Also, be consistent from one run to the next and keep an eye on how many minutes you need to run each mile for your dogs.

What do I do for my dogs that will make them tired and want to stop running?

Stop what you are doing,

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