Why do you want to become a life coach?

I had seen many great life coaches in my time, and I noticed a difference after one time with Lorna. She was easy to understand and was also very welcoming when we talked. I was able to talk to her about personal things such as dating, weight loss, and being a good mom. She is an amazing person who will help you to become a great person in life! I highly recommended Lorna to anyone. – Amanda K., San Francisco

I thought Lorna was great! She was easy to talk to and very willing to answer any questions I had. She was really helpful to get the answers I needed for my life problems. She also really understands how to be the best woman she can be in order to be happy. In the end, I think Lorna helped me so much for my success in life that I’ll never look at a man the same way again!! – Michelle J., Las Vegas

I can’t believe we just lost a major presidential election because of lies. I can’t believe we’re still in the year when we get to discuss the legitimacy of our two party system. All those lies — about who voted for whom. And those lies about who was involved in the campaign. And those lies about who paid for it.

What do Trump and Russia have in common? They each lied about and exploited the truth. Here’s what we now know: In addition to the Russian “collusion” theory and Trump’s Russia conspiracy theory, there was more on the FBI’s side of the Russian connection. The U.S. intelligence system has, in fact, concluded definitively the Russians were behind the hack and email releases of Democrats’ emails to help Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton. There was no other way a Russian intelligence operation that would target a U.S. election could have taken place. In a case of “collusion”, it would have been impossible.

Why did the Obama administration go so far as to warn the American people about their president, a man accused of crimes against a “hostile” regime? And what did the media do to defend the Obama White House over these issues, when you had the same man being investigated, under oath, for all kinds of things? All the while, their own candidate and party stood up and declared Trump’s election illegitimate.

Let me explain. On Election Day, I thought Trump would do well. I expected him to surge and then gain momentum. I was wrong. A lot of people thought Trump was going