Is Tony Robbins a life coach?

Well, no, as far as I can tell because I don’t get any email from Tony Robbins. He only sends a bunch of newsletters, I guess. He sends me his most recent newsletter, which is actually really cool. I’ve got a link to their site. His company is called Life Coach International. I can just imagine how he runs a business that doesn’t exist. I know you like to watch TV! What do you think of the Tony Robbins podcast? Can you explain the podcast to me? Yes, of course! I get the show all the time and it totally changes my life! That and the best motivational talks are on the show too! If you’re a fan, do take time to download the Tony Robbins podcast. It is a free download from iTunes, and you can see all of the past podcasts here on the Tony Robbins website. What are you most proud of from the Tony Robbins Show? I’m proud of the new season, because it’s the highest caliber guest ever! There’s a lot of great guest appearances, and Tony is the best I’ve ever heard in show business. I think his audience is bigger and bigger each year, and he keeps getting better and better at selling his programs. I just love how he sells his programs. How does the Tony Robbins Show fit into your daily life? A little bit, I think. One of my great mentors was the actor Robert De Niro! Like I said, we both like to watch television so it fits in my life. But it’s not what I do all day most of the time! I like to have time to be myself, listen to music, read interesting books, and work out. I’m definitely a little geek! A little geek? Oh my God, I have a tattoo! Have any great life questions? I have a couple. Is your website just a blog? Yes, and not a blog. Are there any topics you’d like to see me write about? A little bit! Let me see, what things? Oh yeah, one of my mentors is a psychic and he has an amazing website. I can’t wait to do his website! How often do you go to the gym? Never! I can’t train! Would you like to do an interview with me? Sure, come and ask me your questions! Do you have any questions for your listeners? Sure, go ahead and email them to me! Why don’t you check out my website?

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