Is Tony Robbins a life coach?

According to a recent report he is!

According to the “Guardian”, Tony Robbins is the life coach who teaches you how to change yourself into a successful entrepreneur. He allegedly told a group of entrepreneurs last January that the best way to change yourself is simply by being honest about what you want to do. Robbins was quoted as saying “If you want to be successful you have to be honest about how you want to be successful, how you are going to make your money. Everything we do, all of our businesses, is based on that.”

While Tony Robbins’ claim of teaching entrepreneurs to “be honest” seems a little extreme, is it possible that the advice he’s giving is based on his life experience and that of millions of others who’ve taken his advice? Probably not.

Here’s what he had to say:

“So a few years ago, I was reading the great Tony Robbins and his book ‘Thrive’, and I realized that he’s the one that actually really changed me in a significant way…I started going to a lot of seminars and I just decided I just had to do what he did: be honest and open about the things I really wanted to do and not pretend because I did want to. He says do what you like; if you don’t like what that means to you, then that’s fine. I just did it.”

What’s so special about a famous celebrity telling you a secret? For starters, it’s almost impossible to not be impressed that a world-renowned expert such as Robbins (who seems like, at least for now, a tad out of reach) could actually do it! But there are several key aspects of Robbins’ claim that make us skeptical.

So are Tony Robbins’ claims of being “an inspirational guru” and “an all around genius” true?

Well, I’ll let you decide. Maybe.

But the fact is that most of us are better off, personally and professionally, when our goals are self-directed and are not influenced by external forces like finances, relationships, health and fitness, or other people. If you are not getting the results you want and are having trouble understanding why, then it’s probably because you’re working with someone who’s not giving the honest advice you want to receive. After all, when you’ve worked with a professional advisor you’ll know exactly what he’ll do in order to help you reach your goals.

If Robbins is giving you honest advice, you