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How much can you make? We all dream of making it big somewhere but when we start out there is a huge amount of uncertainty. If you are ready to start making money, it is time to join a life coaching service.

This site provides information about starting off, how to develop your life skills, how to start a coaching profession and what is the best place to work.

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“I see it as the worst case — we’ll never find you, but we can still track you down. And I mean track down.”
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The words were spoken by the leader of the most influential crime faction in the world.

“Let’s get going,” replied the other. His voice was strong. The other man did not seem willing to be silenced.

They reached one of the largest houses. The front door was ajar. A couple women were standing outside waiting for a man to enter.

“What did you say?” The leader demanded of them. One of the woman pointed at the other. “Why don’t you open the door? The way is clear.” She said this without any malice.

The other man hesitated before reaching in the door and then pulled it away. He then tried to open it again. But when he did something caught his eye. He was suddenly attacked by two men. A man with a baton and a man with a hammer.

The men had the distinct distinction of wearing the exact same clothes as the leader. Their faces and features were the same. They stood side by side. Their eyes glowed with the same brightness. They attacked him with the baton as though he were a dog. The leader was already dead, their blows had barely registered.

The leader fell to the ground.

The baton man grabbed him and held him down as if he were a dog. The woman with him jumped to his feet. She tried in vain to grab one of the men’s weapons.

“Hurry!” shouted the other man. This time, his words were more assertive. He pointed at her in a threatening point.

She froze. “We’ll never let you get away from us,” she whispered. The other man simply nodded.

They stood there with frozen faces.

Finally they pulled out their weapons and the assault ceased.

The leader and the man who was holding him were in

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