What do you talk to a life coach about? – Why Coaches Fail

There are things my coach can and will change my life about: my priorities, my attitudes, my lifestyle.

Does she talk to you about any personal issues?

She does, but they don’t bother me. I understand people feel pressure, but if I’m at a point in time where I don’t have people helping me and I’m in the process of feeling guilty or I’m unhappy, I want to know there’s someone in my corner, some way out there who’s going to get me out of the hole I’ve gotten myself into. I want someone to say, “No, the only reason you’re feeling this way is because you were never prepared for what you’re feeling. Here’s how you can get ready for what you’re feeling. Here’s what’s really going to help with this,” because it’s a lot to try to put into words. I wish I could talk to her about it, but it’s pretty hard.
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How does a regular customer interact with your coach?

My manager has helped me so much since I was a kid, I want nothing more than to get along with her. She’s honest. We’re on the same page right now.

Does a life coach ever help you take a step back and try to reflect on your life in a new way?

You have to take a long, hard look because you don’t know you’re going to look at your life.

As a teen, does this person influence your decision to go to college or stay home and find a job?

Most of the time, no. It will always be the individual who really cares about you.

Do you have any specific advice on what you should do now that you’ve graduated from high school?

A lot of things you just get used to in your twenties, you need to get over this fear of moving forward. It has nothing to do with wanting to have a job, but it’s just about having a certain attitude and determination.

What is the biggest learning curve you’ve had while using a life coach? When was the most challenging time?

I don’t know if I could name one time I thought, “I wish I had more support.” For me, I’ve learned to take things very slowly – to let things happen organically, without pushing them on me.

Have your relationships changed drastically as a result of coaching?

A lot of it, but mostly it’s just

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