What should ukulele strings sound like? – How To Tune The Ukulele

To be honest i don’t know… the sound doesn’t really matter to me, the technique is just to find the right chord which sounds good, but i would suggest you start with a simple ii V I chord and build it up from there… or do what i did and record yourself playing each and every note, for example the 1st measure – i just played my 1st note, and then recorded myself hitting every single note.

What are some good pieces of music that are worth downloading

Some really good music is in the files below

Download the files

Czech music

Czech is one of the least known languages in the world. But it is definitely in your language list

Lukas Strandberg’s piano and string collection

The Czech lukas strandberg collection of piano and cello

somewhere over the rainbow.jpg (2551×3661) | Ukulele songs ...
You can download the strings from the above links or just the piano as a text file for offline viewing or listening

I would be really interested to know where people come up with new music, i will try and put a link to that section of my site when i have finished my collection

Some of best Czech folk, ska and punk bands

A collection of great Czech punk music

These are the best Czech rock bands of the 80s & 90s, the bands i have picked are from the bands of the same name:


Anya Krasner

Nina Svarc





Pieta Kruskova




I am not a huge music buff so i dont think i will do a huge amount of these, but i will also try and get all my favourites in a single download and maybe add a video.

If i do try and make these more interesting, i would be grateful for any feedback you all give me.

Other interesting music/music related sites

Some nice sites to check (an old forum where the best players in the world meet) (an archive of best players of various instruments)

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