What’s the easiest song to play on ukulele? – Easy To Learn Uke Songs For Beginners

“Candyland” – The Beatles

“Hurt” – Black Sabbath

What do you think is the easiest way to learn a song?

It’s all about listening to it as much as possible and learning what you enjoy and dislike about it.

What’s something you’ve learned from watching videos?

I like to do a lot of YouTube tutorials since I’m a big fan of that type of content. I’ve learned that it’s a good way to get into the rhythm of playing and it’s also a great way to study the tunes by watching how it works and then using that technique. I love learning new things like that, just as long as they’re on Youtube for me.

What’s the worst thing about music education?

My own lack of musical education, it’s more of a personal view as it is that no one teaches me. I know it can come from the teachers, but I think the teaching is way too often lacking since I think this kind of learning requires a lot of time and self motivation.

What do you find difficult in learning music?

I do feel that I just get over it a lot quicker than most people do, but I do also do it a lot worse and I like to think about it that way.

What would you say is one thing you’re good at in music?

I’ve actually enjoyed this type of music a lot. I enjoyed learning how to play the first time around so much since I was a little kid, I have a huge appreciation for the sound of guitar and a really love of playing songs I like. I’m still really terrible at the jazz aspect but I’m getting there and it really makes me feel cool and fun just because I do it.

Who would you like to play a song with and why?

I really love playing songs with different types of songs and being able to get in contact with people in another world. I love having that experience and hearing the people I see. I really love playing with people that are different than me, because they’re the ones who I’m really curious and I want to know so much more about them!

What was the last song you heard written or created by someone who you really didn’t know?

Probably ‘Candyland’ by The Beatles. My dad once told me that it was a song I’d always really wanted to play since I was a child. I’d never heard it before

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