Is Bass easier than guitar? – Easy Ukulele Songs For Beginners Tutorial

Bass player Chris “Drake” Dickey recently spoke on the subject, noting that bassist Rob Halford’s work is more like playing bass lines in a jazz band.

According to Dickey, bassist Rob Halford’s instrumentation isn’t as easy as a guitar player’s, as there’s a greater focus on the dynamics behind a bass line. Dickey’s take?

“To me, Rob Halford has the easiest lines, because he has very good timing between his voice and his bass. With the guitar or a keyboard player, if you can get your voice down high enough then they’re probably going to play a line where they do the same thing over and over and over again. But because you’ve got the dynamics going, you can hear the notes coming out very crisp.”

On a similar note, guitarist Matt Shiel recently described the guitarists playing his band The War on Drugs as playing “a bunch of chord changes in a certain order.”

“Some of the stuff seems kind of easy to do in Guitar Center and at my favorite gigs, such as the one where I played with The War on Drugs,” Shiel said. “But for me, to be able to play a bunch of chord changes like that, you have to have a great ear for it, so you just have to do it over again in a different way. If you’re playing along, then you just need to be able to hear it.”

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