What is the easiest musical instrument to play? – Daddy Lessons Ukulele Chords

The piano! For some reason, the guitar is more difficult but can be easily learned and improved upon.

Do you think it’s OK to use a different keyboard layout? Some programs allow keyboard layouts to be set up that require certain key positions but it is very rare that you experience any problems.

What is the most annoying thing in your workplace? The smell of cat urine.

Do you use the internet? Yes! I use it quite often!

Do you use the computer? Yes! I have a laptop laptop computer.

Do you use an Android phone? Yes! I use an Apple Apple mobile phone!!

Do you use a smartphone? No! I have an old Sony cellphone phone.

What is the best way to communicate with your spouse/partner/child/parent? Skype!

Which one is more fun to watch in movies/TV shows/movies? I think it’s more enjoyable to watch the best action movies with action stars fighting each other.

Which one is best for reading? My wife likes it best for the read more books section. I think it’s much more relaxing reading and enjoying the stories.

If you could travel to other places worldwide, where would you go? I would go to the USA. I also would like to travel to Europe.

Can you make a phone call? Yes. I can make call!

Has anyone ever insulted your intelligence? I have not seen anyone insult my intellect.

How will you deal with a disagreement? The person who has to settle it should do so with the help of both parties involved.

Do you prefer men or women? If I had a choice between being a male or female, I would be female!

Do you like to watch sports? Yes! I like watching sports!

Is smoking a good thing to do on your own? Yes!

Have you ever done drugs or alcohol? Yes, I have never done drugs or alcohol!

Are you a good listener? Yes!

Have you ever used profanity in a conversation? I would not use profanity in a conversation.

Are you a good cook? Yes!

Have you ever been the victim of sexual harassment? Yes, yes!

Have you ever been given drugs for having sex or drugs for drugs being taken? Yes!

When it comes to your appearance, which one do you prefer? If I had to choose,

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