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Most of the time, you just want to use the pick with its strap, but a few times, when you want something completely different then it’s recommended to use a pick with the straps which are attached to the body.

If you are new to pick playing, the strap is often the most popular way to do it for beginners. For more advanced players, the strap is generally a better way to grip the uke.

When picking with the strap you can easily grab the strings in the air without dropping your arm to grab the string. Most players prefer to hold the uke with their feet and use the wrist straps for picking.

How do I pick with the pick?

This depends on you but when you first start making ukulele picks, try using a stick, the pick and your arms to pick one string at a time then slowly work out what string to play next. When you do this it will be much harder to hold the pick while moving the strings.

Once you get the hang of it, this may actually be the way to play your picks.

How do I adjust the pick?

When you first play with your uke, try to play more from the top then less from the bottom. If it looks like it’s going to be an issue, try to reduce your picks weight as much as possible. You want the weight of the pick to be more towards the front than the back of the uke. It can be tricky to get the weight right when the string is coming out of the uke but for the most part, you want to play on the string closest to the front.

This will help you to play with more of a natural feel to the picking, especially in beginner level picking.

How do I make my own ukulele picks ?

If you are at a beginner level without a basic uke then try making your own pick. You might be surprised at how easy this can be. You can buy a pick maker for around a few pounds, or you could make what you like your own at home which could last you for years. I have had great success with making my own picks here at The Rickshaw.

The Rickshaw uses a 3rd party pick maker to make ukulele picks. They are very good at producing the most precise uke picks possible. If you want to make your own ukulele picks, check out the How to Make

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