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The ukulele is a great instrument to play any genre, and especially jazz, or to just play along with jazz groups. You can easily mix it with bass guitar, and play the backing tracks together. The ukulele can also be used to play bass lines, especially when you want to keep the groove flowing.

For an ukulele pick

The ukulele pick is also an instrument to learn. You may have heard of some other instrument that has an excellent pick, like the mandolin. But one thing we don’t often talk about with ukuleles, is how to play the best one for yourself. The ukulele pick was designed to be as natural looking and easy to use, as possible. The pick has a nice broad, round shape, unlike traditional picks that are much thicker. It’s a bit smaller and thinner than a normal pick, so you get to use the picks easier. And unlike the mandolin, you have to use the ukulele pick for playing along with, for instance, classical music. Also, using the ukulele pick works very well when used to keep the beat of the song. If you are a classical player, you will easily be able to play along, and you will also play along with a backing band that are playing a jazz number. And of course, there are so many styles, sounds and styles of music, that your style of playing will vary drastically in the way you play the ukulele as well. Alfred's Kid's Ukulele Course Complete: The Easiest ...
For a ukulele pick for beginners

The ukulele pick is also the ideal instrument for a beginner. You won’t need a lot of money upfront, and all of these tips that we’ve shared can make it easier. Most of the techniques will be easy to do once you start using the ukulele pick. You will probably begin playing along with your backing band, or your own band, using the ukulele pick. By the end of the first lesson, you’ll have built your skills much faster, and the ukulele pick should be a wonderful thing to use.

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The ukulele picking tips are for a beginner that already knows

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