Is fingerpicking harder than strumming? – Best Way To Learn Ukulele Strumming Practice For Ukulele

Yeah, fingerpicking requires you to learn more to do it well, but it’s easier than any other instrument.

Why have you written a book and why do you speak about it as a way to bridge the gap between drummers who like what you do and those who don’t?

The book is about my time working in drum programming, but the reason I wanted it done is because I see there is a huge gap between drummers who like my ideas and those who try to do what I do. I wanted to bridge that gap. I don’t want to see someone trying to break my system and then being disappointed. There were so many people in drum programming who weren’t using my drumming ideas. I wanted to get these drummers using my ideas, but they weren’t.

When I wrote the book and told the story of this guy who’s playing a guitar at 40 pounds with his feet off the ground, all the drummers were surprised, saying, “How is he using a guitar in the rock part?” But they are playing the guitar. I am happy to see the people getting it now because it was a huge gap that needs to be bridged.

It’s interesting you mention Mike Love. Why do you think he hasn’t been recognized?

Because there is still not a lot of drumming programming in drum kits. There is a lot of drum programming in digital guitar, but there is such a lack of drum programming that someone like Mike, who has been doing rock, pop, and blues since forever, really isn’t recognized. It’s more like, “You like that? How do you do that?” Because he uses the kit for everything.

I can’t understand anyone thinking about how he would play a guitar, because they play the rack and he uses a drum kit.

It sounds like you’re suggesting this is a matter of the “rock” community taking advantage of the “drum” community.

I think that’s the point, but maybe they need to put some common sense to it. You could say he’s a genius, but then you wonder whether or not there is some common intelligence in his brain.

Dance music has a way of creating such a common sense of what is going on in a song, and that doesn’t work very well for music. There is also too much “me,” because I am involved in a whole lot of activities — whether that’s working on a movie, or playing guitar

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