Do you need short nails to play ukulele? – What Is Easy To Learn Ukulele Or Guitar

Not at all. Short nails are nice, but there’s nothing wrong with being tall and healthy.

How many nails do you have now?

I’m not sure how many they’ve gotten. I think I’ve got about three nails now (fingers, middle finger, middle toe) but I guess we’ll find out. When I was young, people would give me little kids’ nails to play with, but I never did that. In England when children are about three or four they’re told, ‘If you play with the nails, you’re going to get cancer.’ But I think some have had nails. I think I’ve got about three nails now, so, yeah, I’ve got a bit of a history!

Does anybody still give you big shoes when you do the show?

Well, if I do it here, then I’ll do it up in Australia, because it’s a long way away. But I do it all over the world. It was about three days after this interview that I was on the BBC’s Newsnight, where I gave an amazing one-hour interview with Mark Lanegan about his work with the Royal Opera House. The next day I got a phone call in London. I had just come back from Japan, and as soon as I realised what had happened I cried. They had done it again! I rang my mum and dad, and they were shocked. It was a great, weird moment of emotional release.

It’s great that you get to play in the Royal Opera House! What do you think about it then, compared with the other venues where you’ve played?

For one thing it has a huge wall in its front yard. This is a really lovely place to perform, but it is also a really intimidating building to perform in. They’re very intimidating. The theatre is in the middle of Hyde Park, and the front entrance is just a few feet from every window or door. When you walk down it, there is a fence and an alarm clock. It actually makes you a little bit anxious. You have to walk up and down for half an hour, and they have to be prepared to remove the bell from the belltower at about 9am on a Sunday. All the windows are blocked up with steel – one would think it’s a war zone. But I don’t think that makes me nervous. As with any venue, you have to take it in your stride and enjoy the environment. You’re not going

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