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If so, why?”

There you have it, for those of you interested in learning these tunes. I hope you find this exercise useful.

If so, then you can start using this simple technique on your own.

The “Sine” Technique

If you are not using a metronome, it might help to start out by playing Sine. It should sound really great, especially if it’s easy for you.

The best way to start out is with the lowest note of the tune: D minor. Then, you have a half note of the second half of the melody, C minor. At this point, the rhythm (the Sine) of your C minor melody is going to sound like this: “Sine, D minor. Sine, D minor. Sine.” Continue alternating between the last two notes, like in the example below: “Sine, D minor… D minor… D minor… Sine… D minor. Sine, D minor. Sine, D minor.” These notes should all be going to the same thing, so when you repeat them you get a nice little loop where the notes all are playing in the same key (C minor). I’m sure you can see that you have to slow down and slow down and slow down some more. If this is what you’ve used for years, you already know how to play Sine. If not, you’ll probably want to learn how to move the note around, and it’s likely you have a few scales to work on, as well.

Try the pattern below:

If you’re on a PC with a metronome, you would begin to hear this sound when you played D minor and D major from a metronome. Once you heard this it is so good it will sound great on your guitar as well.

When you play D major for example and C minor for the first time, you might hear some slight changes in your technique, particularly in the first five notes, but the basic theme will be right there, the same all the way through.
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Practice it until it works as well as it sounds! This is an important step in learning to play a tune, to memorizing it with ease.

The only caveat I see here is that there could be times when you want to use the Sine pattern for a “solo” tune. Perhaps you’re playing an easy tune, which does not require much timing, such

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