Is harmonica easier than guitar? – Learn Ukulele With Cynthia

No question, but guitar is much more precise. You can play every single note better than they are on harmonica. If you think you are good, you are.

If I take up the guitar, what’s the one characteristic I’m going to take with me?

Music. Music is what is important. Be a musician!

Can I find a good instrument in America?

You can find something good very easily if you are smart. If you study hard, you will be successful with anything that you try. I believe the only way to succeed is by study. A man who doesn’t study is a man who has no chance. My father told me: study hard, you will succeed. That is the way to succeed, no? I wish you well.

I’m going on vacation for the next four weeks, can I bring my harmonica?

Yeah, it’s good to bring it. Any harmonica you want, come to the hotel. If there is an instrument you need, or you want my opinion about a particular instrument, please email me.

Have you ever tried this music?

I studied piano once in Italy. On the last night before I had to sleep, the conductor announced that the concert series was over. This was very good news! Because at three in the morning in Italy you sleep until midnight, and then you have three more hours of sleep! They said I had to move to New York and study music. In other words: we had to move to New York and study for three years!

Is learning music harder because you have to make music fast?

No. There is a reason why no one has succeeded in learning a language while in school! The only reason is because the school system is really bad! The only way to learn music was by going to a concert. The rest you do just by reading.

I’m from South Africa. How can you help my son when the system is bad in South Africa?

You need to speak like the people here. If you think you can understand us, you are not going to succeed.

Tell me about your first concert.

I was in my thirties, sitting on a stage. I had an instrument but this time I didn’t play very well. I was very happy when a conductor came up to me and told me that I looked great. That made me feel very good. I told him where he could buy

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