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It certainly could be difficult to measure the size of the instrument, but the most commonly found estimate would be a scale length of about 8 feet. You can also play on the instrument (and the rest of the ukulele family) by tuning it. There are a multitude of tuners/tuners in the world and you can find the best one for your needs.

The Tuner is basically like a pick up truck.

An octave (or two)

With the tuner, I would be able to play in between those two octaves, but again, it’s likely the instrument you’ll use only has one octave. However, because we don’t really know what the instrument is made of or even what the octave is, I find that an easy way to figure out the approximate length of the instrument would be to measure it.

If you’re thinking about how to measure a guitar, I recommend that you don’t. You should think about how you’re going to play the instrument and do some research with guitarists that you can. If you plan to use your own tuner, be sure to give it a good tune and not just a guess. Also make sure that it gets an accurate reading, as a bad measurement will make the tuning harder on you.

The instrument

First we need to get the correct dimensions for the instrument. This usually involves the use of a tool called a FRET (ferrite rod indicator). I recommend making a template and using it as a ruler to make the measurements. A common instrument might have a rod extending upwards, or maybe it has more vertical rods than horizontal, or it might have 2 rods attached and are attached down to the instrument. If you make these measurements, the scale length can be determined for you.

The scale on a fretboard

From the template out, measure from the top of the rod to the edge of the fretboard. You may have to do some quick math here based on the rod diameter and distance. Remember that not including the rod diameter, we need to get a scale length of 8.5 inches and a weight of 3/4 ounce for a scale length of 8.5 inches.

It would actually be better to get the rod width measured for you now, so that you know exactly how much extra space there is between the rods, and you can account for that if you want to buy a new one later

If you have a fretboard like the one

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