Which is harder piano or guitar? – Ukalayla Songs

It is hard and we’ll figure out what the song’s tempo is. If in doubt, ask and we will make the proper judgement.

If you’re playing the main melody in the background, do you think you’re doing well at playing the melody rather than singing it?

Yes, this happens a lot. That can be due to different kinds of learning styles. For example, I find it easier to sing the melody if I am practising a lot or if the melody is very simple.

If you want to know more about the differences between vocals and piano, we could talk about some things like the different vocal tones, different techniques you need to employ on the piano, why people sing, how different singers sound to each other and so on.

But let me stop right there. This doesn’t mean I don’t sing well, I do. My singing is extremely good but it’s not to the level that others sing. So the only one with a real singing voice is I.

What does your singing voice sound like? Does it have a distinct, distinct melody? What about the sound that you get out of singing? Like, if you do well, then why is it sometimes you sing louder than the song on the radio? Do you find it a bit different from the way you do well singing?

The sound for a singer has less to do with your voice than the way you think, so I wouldn’t say I sing louder than usual. That depends on the person as well.

Is there one note or part that you always find yourself singing without ever getting in a sense that you’re singing it just as a solo?

Yes, there are those instances. Especially when the melody’s really good.

We were discussing the song “I Will Wait” a few days ago, but you sang many of these melodies in a similar way to how you play. Is this the same feeling you’re using all the time in your compositions? You can’t say these are just different examples, right?

It is definitely the same, yes.

What do you think of all of the electronic instruments in recent times?

All of them are great, but they’re often too fast or too loud.

It’s great if a band is making electronic music that’s as powerful and emotional as a good acoustic and traditional song. So I like some of those instruments, I just don’t like too much of them.


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