What are the 4 types of musical instruments? – How To Strum A Ukulele

The following is not a comprehensive list of musical instruments. I have attempted to be as objective as possible in this post. These are simply the most common types I have seen on the market today:










The above instruments are simply the most common instruments sold today. Some guitar, bass, or drum makers have even created their own unique instruments designed specifically to fit their specific tastes.

What is your favorite musical instrument? Why?

What are some of your most memorable musical experiences from your musical life?

Thanks for being with me as I share my journey of discovering and then embracing the unique beauty of the art form that is music.

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A man had been stabbed to death in central Israel yesterday, in a case that police have described as a murder.

The man fell heavily to the ground upon meeting the blade of a knife, and was quickly rushed to a hospital, a police officer said.

The victim, the son of a prominent figure in the northern town of Nabi Saleh, was named as Samer Sa’deh, 44, as police released a photograph of the body of the victim in Nabi Saleh.

Police did not release the man’s name.

An investigation so far has shown that the stab wound was inflicted by an unknown assailant, the officer said.

The stabbing took place in the early afternoon in a market area in central Ramat Gan, on a street where shoppers gathered after work at Nabi Saleh’s main business.

Samer Sa’deh, a respected businessman from the town who was also well known for his work with the Jerusalem municipality, had left his home to shop near the market when the stabbing occurred.

His son, who had been inside the shopping area with an acquaintance, was alerted to the situation by a loud noise, the officer said.

As Sa’deh left the area, an assailant came up behind him and stabbed him, the incident report added.

He was pronounced dead when he was brought to hospital.


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