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According to the International Flapper Federation (IFF), the female flapper is most associated with the “Flaming Ball”, which originated in the mid-1870s, as it was the style of flapper dress that was most popular during that period of time.

According to the Flapper Institute, there is an estimated 5 million (!) women in America to which we are all flappers.

Flappers dress for style, fashion and performance. They often wear high-necked dresses, flirty tops, knee-high boots and long skirts. Flappers are usually very voluptuous and glamorous.

Flapper fashion is one of the first fashion trends to break through with the help of the internet and social media.

Flapper History

According to the IFF, flappers were first seen in America, which would also be their first appearance in the USA.

The Flapper Institute points out that the first flappers in the US were young women who were young at the time.

The Institute further adds that the flapper style was introduced for use in the 1890s in New York City.

Flappers were seen dancing outside churches, bars and other places in those early days.

Flappee History

Flappee was invented in 1890 in the UK.

The Flappee was invented as a way for women to fit into their jeans without the need for uncomfortable and distracting trousers.

According to Wikipedia, Flappee was invented with the help of a man named Charles Lister, who was the founder of the M.A.C. (Men’s Acne Company).

Charles Lister’s wife, Mary, was very well known in New York City at the time.

In 1903, Charles moved his business to Britain where he patented a device he called Flap-Dryer for his flapper customers and began selling on London’s fashionable High Street.

With the help of the patent, the Flappee made its way into New York City.

Flapper’s New York

According to the Flapper Institute, the Flapper style first entered the New York City’s fashion scene in the 1890s.

Flop-Dryers were invented to be worn in their most fashionable attire.

These items were worn with a high-backed, strappy-boot style skirt and high-necked cotton blouse.

While the Flapper style was

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