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What is the most expensive dress in Hollywood? Gatsby’s ‘gift to a friend’ is a $2,000 designer gown that he got from designer Donna Karan.

“It’s the very rarest and most expensive dress in Hollywood,” a Gatsby spokeswoman told MailOnline. “This one is a very, very small piece.”

The dress’s designer, Donna Karan, who was in attendance at the premiere, was asked to comment on the issue.

“That might be one of my favorite gowns in Hollywood, but my gosh does she look great,” Karan was quoted as saying in a recent interview with Eliseann Caron of the Los Angeles Times.

“My costume designer was really excited about it,” she added. “I don’t wear heels like Gloria Swanson; they make my feet and the gals are really happy with them.”

Karan’s style is a modern take on the classic ’90s trend of designer-appear-alike dresses. The dress was designed expressly to make Gatsby look elegant as part of a special collection on the 50th anniversary of Gatsby.

The first gown was purchased at the Beverly Hills jewelry store Celine in the fall of 1996. The designer was only allowed to wear it once after an actor told Karan she was getting too expensive.

‘Gatsby’ costume sold for $2,000 at sale at Donna Karan’s Beverly Hills boutique on Thursday

The first Gatsby gown is currently selling for $2,000 at the sale of Donna Karan’s Beverly Hills boutique on Thursday.

The collection includes a white and black dress, a striped, pleated dress, a blue and white dress with floral print, a gray and black dress, a black and white dress, and a red and black gown.

‘Gatsby’ is the most expensive Hollywood film dress ever bought, according to the website for the ‘Citizen Kane’ and ‘Django’ films. The costume was purchased at L.V. Hall, a Beverly Hills salon with $10,000 a week staff and a staff of 30 people that sold the suit through eBay.

Actor Michael Keaton, who played the titular character in the ‘Gatsby’ films, also bought the outfit.

In 1996, the cost of the Gatsby costume was estimated at $5,000, according to a Hollywood Reporter article.

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