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Yes. But in 1868, a couple of years before the dress was popularized, a woman named Harriet Jacobs made headlines in the media after she was spotted, in the back of a car, driving around in a tiny pair of tights. “She has a pair of shorts just about to get dirty,” one of Jacobs’ neighbors complained. And that, friends and relatives of the Jacobs wrote, “probably explains its fashionability!”

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If you see it, don’t be alarmed—it’s just flappers’ regular wear, as the dress itself is more of a novelty. And for those who aren’t into the spectacle, it’s worth adding here that the dress doesn’t have a name—it’s not called “the nymph” or “the nanny,” and that it’s not known for its sexual innuendo.

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But let’s get back to the story of the woman who wore it. According to a report in the Cincinnati Enquirer in November 1872, she had lost her job as a nurse and decided that she knew a way to make money in a career she’d abandoned to take care of her ailing grandmother. “As she rode home from school, a pair of rags fell off her neck,” the newspaper reports. “She looked at the rags and, seeing them to be very large, decided to see how small they could be before getting a new suit.” The paper says she wore this new attire in the streets of Cincinnati for the next two weeks, and was so successful that she was offered a $2-a-week contract and made $300 a week.

If you’re wondering where the name “Nancy” came from, “the name Nancy’s dress is a play on words. It means ‘little child of Nancy.'” And here it comes as no surprise that, on April 14, 1881, the paper reports, the woman gave birth to a daughter.

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