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What about old maids? And how was the dress code enforced in those days when ladies tended to wear only two to three dresses?

“I remember the day the lady of my cousin’s was taken ill and we were all told how we had to make a dress and that even if we made one it had to go straight from our room to our parents’ room on the ground floor.

“Once I’d dressed, I went to my room and sat down under the bed and tried out the one I wanted… and the nurse said it wasn’t good enough, it was too big.
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“The next day I went in and it was a great success and I had it at the house. I’m sure I’d taken too much at the time. I can’t quite remember what I came to wear, as when I got a good look at myself the first thing that flashed through my mind was how to wear a dress… it was such a mess, so much to be desired.

“Even in my day there were some dresses that were too tight and that was it… I never got into any clothes stores until after I left school.

“I do remember that the girls were given to dress like bachelors – dresses with a collar and sleeves only, and that was that. It was not unheard of for young ladies to take off the top part of the dress just to make room for a collar.

“A boy like me, though, would put on a simple white linen top, but no collar, and only a simple blouse or skirt.

“A boy in our generation would never wear a blouse – or collar.

“But by the time I came to school in 1925 it had changed very little. I can still see the teachers talking to me about how I should wear and how I should walk… how I should tie my shoes. And I was never taught that in high school I was actually more like a girl.

“What about me in the present day was a little different? I didn’t wear trousers – that would just be embarrassing. I wore dresses or skirts that hung down about my hips, and in the summer months I did my hair in a ponytail like the girls I had gone to school with… as they liked.

“But in my time the school uniform and the tie that kids wore were nothing like what we now wear.

“Even then I still remember the way teachers would ask us what we

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