What colors were popular in the 1920’s? – Fringed Flapper Dress

White was the popular color of the 1920’s. It was popular because it was the color that most white collar workers could afford and also because white, in itself, was a very neutral color, very bright white (brighten it up a little with a few brightening shades of green) and very cheap. If you didn’t have a lot of extra money, you could buy a ton of this “satisfyingly dull white” that was cheap (although a little “cool” because it had a very high saturation level) and didn’t go too dark, so you could buy into a big party.

White also is a bit of a neutral color. It goes from bright yellow to pure white to neutral, so it can be used to brighten up a white background or even a dark grey background.

Why is it that white was the popular color and is still popular when we now have all of the new “color” names or even colors with “color” in them but white is no longer called “white?”

It has taken so many years for color to be accepted as a term for “a color” and to be called “an idea of a color” by the scientists who coined the color names (so that we now have “brown”, “gray”, “green”, “blue”, and “red”). It was much easier to call these colors “green” or “blues” and they were easier to market because they were so easy to distinguish.

For example, green-bluing is one color, but you call it “green” and the consumer won’t associate it with any color in the real world. If you wanted to market it as “green” or “green-bluing”, it would have had to be green and look pretty darn green.

But when scientists who “invented color” put a new word or idea in a word, people became much less likely to associate that word or idea with another or even worse color. What scientists invented was red-yellow-green.

White can easily be confused with black, but we still say “black” when we talk about something black, even though it is the most common color by far (and it is very difficult to find something black and not find it “black”).

What do you mean by the word “neutral”?

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Neutral is the opposite of black, yellow, red, and green. (It is also the opposite of gray which is also called ”

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