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Tropical beauty.


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This web page is designed to answer questions such as “Why do all the tropical flowers come in one color? Why do the fish come from different places around Florida? What are the names of the tropical areas at night to help you keep your wits about you during the night? What are the words for flowers by the sea and by the river?”

Tropical Beauty

All tropical flowers, although they come in various colors, have their origin in the tropics. The majority are produced in the tropical rainforest. In fact, the majority of tropical flowers in Florida come from a single species, the Rosa Canina. This plant is very attractive to people who find it attractive, beautiful, and useful for a variety of purposes. Tropical flowers were originally created for decorative purposes, not for practical purposes for gardening or for food.

Although it may have started as a decorative flower, the flowers today come from a variety of locations around the world, including:


Latin America

South and South-East Asia


North and East Africa

South America


Himalayas, South Korea, and Turkey

North Africa

China, Japan, and Korea

Some of these flowers are a “special” species of flowers that only grow on certain islands or forests. Other flowers have different colors and are produced in different places in South America and South-West Asia. Some of the plants for which there are more than one type and which are grown outside of the tropics are:

Rosa Canina (red and yellow flowers)

Lichtensteinia (yellow and green flowers)

Rosa Lutina (red and white flowers)

Dicentra (red and white flowers)

Stratiolus (white and white flowers)

Arctostaphylos inermis

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