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How come the neck doesn’t hang down? Who put the lace trim on? This item is described as “a light-blonde with the style elements of ‘a flapper dress – it is very, very light and short.” You could say this is a “shy flapper” dress. It’s actually a beautiful gown. There’s a lot going on in this dress that makes it feel more substantial than it actually was, so it’s a bit like wearing a skirt on your shoulder but with a very short back.

The most expensive item is the sheer skirt that comes as a free download in the shop which I think is fantastic. It is almost translucent and has a good fit. The skirt doesn’t move when you bend over but there definitely are a lot more curves. It’s a really beautiful piece and I can say that it might be my favourite piece on the dress as a whole. The dress is very long and very modest as to not be too formal so the bust area is kept relatively modest – that’s a big plus for me.

The fabric is a very lightweight blend of lace, silk and cashmere which is so soft and delicate. It’s so pretty! When you see the full colour picture you will see it’s a very light grey with a little bit of rose gold. It doesn’t have a hint of colour beyond that, which I thought was fantastic and it feels like your favourite sweater and not something you’re going to throw on top of your clothing. The fabric is so soft and light and it feels so elegant and very modern when you wear it.

The waist is a little too tight and doesn’t hang down as much as I would like but it’s not too bad and it’s easy to pull off which is a big plus for me. The top is very modest and pretty, giving you the option to wear a dress with just a top (or no top at all), though I’m not wearing them on this occasion.

I bought a size 4/8 from these shops when wearing my dress in the evening which I feel was just the right length for me for best fitting. You can’t go wrong with this as your measurements fall into the normal range at this size.

Adult Sparkling Silver Flapper Costume | Party City
I’ve never been more pleased by a product than this item. I’m a big fan of “natural” perfumes. The scents that spring to mind as my favorites are vanilla, clary sage, vanilla beans, wood, and maybe some rose petals. I don’t

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