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Many people had many items of interest on their wardrobes that were not found or owned today. A big deal in that time was women’s fashion magazines, which were mostly published at the turn of the century. The biggest trend was going with high-necked, waist-revealing dresses because women were not wearing dresses to work. They wanted to be seen and be themselves.

The “S-T” symbol may only seem like an annoying abbreviation, but it’s actually a symbol of solidarity that all musicians should heed right now, says singer/songwriter and “Cirque du Soleil” star Paul McCartney. He recently spoke with The Pulse Of Radio’s Tom Power to discuss the controversy surrounding the “S-T” symbol.

The former Beatle was quick to clarify that he is not making disparaging remarks about other musicians, but rather that he finds the symbol a unique way to let people know that a song came from him. “I don’t take any offense to them,” he told Power of any controversy surrounding the symbol. “I believe they’re a beautiful symbol of love and unity. I think it also looks good in the sky.”

“My view is that we come in peace. I take no offense at all,” he added. “I feel that if we are all united, if we give ourselves to the world — and I still believe this for everyone, whether I’m singing to one person, whether I’m singing at an opening prayer — even though it’s just me singing some song, I’m taking my part of the world.”

As for the controversy surrounding the “S-T” symbol, Paul pointed out that it has always been used to honor musicians who have died or died away. “I think people don’t take it too seriously,” he told POR.

In the video below from 2015, you can hear Paul sing “The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die” together with his longtime friend, musician Chris Blackwell. “The World Is a Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die” was written and produced by Blackwell and recorded by The Beatles in 1965. In the video itself, you can also hear Paul speak the word “suck” which is one of the lyrics in the song.

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