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The color of lipstick was very important for flappers and the fashion, although they did not always wear red lipstick, usually it was gold, or white.

The color of women’s accessories was very important to some people. They liked to wear hats, scarfs, and corsets. Also, in the 19th century, dresses became very formal, and the style of dressing was to dress in a formal way. This resulted in dresses that were very large, with lace or satin patterns and heavy embroideries, as well as a wide skirt, with very tight and very high gores. The men’s style, on the other hand, was usually to wear short, light colored, cotton or linen shorts, sometimes even a polo shirt, as well as thick black boots. Women in the West wore a full-length jacket and long sleeves, as well as a belt, a necktie, and a handbag. The West European style, often referred to as the “dress of the nineteenth century”, was usually referred to as English country or country western.

Did women who went out to the fields wear shoes or boots?

In the western United States, in particular, American women would wear long-sleeved dresses, usually with wide skirts and wide, loosely fitting gores. In the West European style, they wore shoes and boots. In general, women would not wear shoes, but men wore shoes.

In the 1860s and 1870s, the female dress became more formal, with wider gowns, narrow waist-bands and narrow corsets. The male dress also became narrow and narrow, and the long “pants” of the day were more open. The skirts and gores looked sloping or flaring.

Where did men and women work?

In Britain, the British were a working class population, but the female worker was often less than half the worker, though she was usually a more physically attractive female than the male worker. In the United states, most factories were female-run. In some factories, men were hired as “managers and apprentices;” some of them even wore ties, and they may have been made to wear the same clothing as the workers.

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