Did flappers wear boas? – Flapper Dress Costume Cheap

This is a real issue on this site (the other is that we still don’t know why people are so enamored with the boa) and I feel it’s important.

It is worth mentioning that the boa you see here is a new one and is not part of our collection. The boa with the red tail is actually the same animal as the one you see here.

It is also important to say that I’m a fan of the boa itself, not the people who are too quick to think it’s cute. There’s an element of the boa being cute that I like and like most people don’t share. You have to appreciate that. This site is very personal, and I have a tendency to see some of what other people see as cute or ‘gut reaction to this and that’. You will see this on here for your own good.

So back to the boa. It was a lot of fun to pose with the boa! I can tell you that the one you see was a true boa!

Now, here’s the question that many of you are asking about this website: Is this a real thing or a joke? Well not to worry, you can always find more boas and more photos of this one here, on twitter at @TheKillerBoa and you can find the boa of the one with the red tail for another, larger, more colourful one. You can also find more pictures of real, beautiful, wild boas here.

Happy hunting!


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“The Open Access Database is an important resource for all citizens to have access to in order to better understand and prevent senseless crime and to be better able to address the needs of those living with a drug issue,” said NYCDIT Commissioner Helen Segal in a statement. “This database enables users to access arrest records for people of all genders, ethnicities, age ranges, and backgrounds.”

In 2014, the DOAD will go online in three main versions. The first two, which will contain information on arrest records, were released

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